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史考特’s Dental Supply


The 史考特's Dental Supply Story

史考特’s Dental Supply is dedicated to providing low pricing, superior customer service, and top quality dental supplies direct to your dental practice.

史考特’s Dental Supply offers great products from leading manufacturers such as Septodont, Hu-Friedy, Premier, Sultan Healthcare, GC America, SS White, Palisades Dental, American Eagle, Coltene Whaledent, Vector, and other leading manufacturers. 史考特’s Dental Supply offers a great selection and low pricing 上 products ranging from lidocaine, burs, 在 struments, endodontics, handpieces, prophy angles, impression material, and many others.


史考特的Dental Supply已在Interspire平台上运行了几年。当需要在其站点上进行更改或自定义时,他们发现很难获得实现其目标所需的熟练开发资源。具体来说,鉴于启动程序所需的技术能力,开展促销活动已成为一项繁重的任务。该公司在履行订单方面也遭受了巨大的痛苦。如果没有Microsoft Dynamics GP与他们的电子商务平台之间的集成,实现就很麻烦。

In addition to back-end improvement, 史考特’s Dental was also looking to address the overall look and feel to modernize the site. A new mobile experience was also 上 the list of needed improvements for the site. Given the company’s clientele were dental offices, 在 creased B2B functionality from the Magento platform was also driving their move.


优雅的骆马engaged with 史考特’s Dental after their selection of the Magento platform. The Magento solution provided 史考特’s scalability and the tools necessary to properly refresh their customers’ shopping experience while empowering their B2B business model. 伙伴 like i95 were also brought 在 to streamline the 在 tegration needed between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The 优雅的骆马team worked to migrate 史考特’s site to the Magento platform while also focusing 上 providing a proper mobile experience.

A key element created for the 史考特’s team was an optimized presentation of promotions to customers. Promotions were an important part of the 史考特’的业务模式和客户体验,Classy Llama找到了解决方案,使客户可以轻松地就所需的物料获得最佳的交易。结果是一个界面’在牙科供应电子商务商店中具有很高的竞争力。

Significant efficiency 在 creases were also realized through 在 tegrating the Magento platform to 史考特’s Dental Supply ERP, OMS, and accounting systems.